The Anatomy of a Barrie Benson Room

barrie benson room copy

I first fell in love with Charlotte, NC designer Barrie Benson when I saw images of her own home in Domino Magazine.  She has a knack for using playful colors, fabrics and textures in a very sophisticated way.  I love her mix of traditional and modern pieces, and she always does a great job with playing with the scale of the furniture in the room.

COLOR PALETTE – I love the grown-up version of a primary color palette (red, yellow, blue) used in the room.  The turquoise blue and brilliant yellow with just a hint of soft red in the carpet and painting are juxtaposed against the moody gray walls which provide elegance to the space.  The muted blue and yellow colors in the print on the bergere chairs adds further sophistication.  I love that when they styled the room they continued the color palette in the books and flowers…a nice way to move the color around the room.

FOCAL POINT – My eye is immediately drawn to the large abstract painting, hung just off center on the wall.  It provides a dramatic focal point, while at the same time helping establish the color palette.

RHYTHM & LINE – The lines of the curved sofa, echoed in the coffee table and side table, not only help create intimacy in the seating arrangement, but also help draw your eye around the room.

SYMMETRY- One of the easiest ways to make a room easy on the eyes is to make it symmetrical.  Using pairs (of everything!) , Ms. Benson creates a very inviting spot to sit. 

SPACE – I love how tall the ceilings seem to be in this room, helped out by the high curtain rod placement, which allows maximum natural light to flood the room making the room seem even more spacious.

ARTISTIC TENSION– I had a design professor that loved to always find the artistic tension in every good room…the one thing that was just out of place, but totally MADE the design great.  For this room it’s the leopard print fabric, a playful addition to the patterns and textures already in the room.

What makes this room work for you?  I’d love your comments.500-daisy-upholstery-nails-brass-furniture-studs-tacks-[2]-436-p copy

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