Design Is In the Details: Curtain Trim


The yellow curtains in the living room designed by Barrie Benson that I posted about yesterday are certainly eye catching, but it’s the trim that helps to frame them and elevate them as a sophisticated design element in the room.  Adding trim to your curtains is an easy and fun way to add polish to your room.


The seashell trim provides a subtle nod to the seaside location of this house, designed by Liz William Interiors.

Large trim, especially patterned, can provide additional texture, spunk, and really make your curtains eye-catching.

The eye-catching pink trim on these draperies in the home of designer, Caitlin Wilson, add charm, help to draw your eye outside to the view, and add further establish pink as a main color in the color palette.

Mary McDonald recently released her own line of fabric and trims for Schumacher.  I love the mix of patterns on the curtains and trims.  What fun, but sophisticated draperies.

There’s no rule about how wide trim needs to be.  I love this example of an extra-wide trim on plain white curtains…it adds a graphic punch in an otherwise neutral space.


curtain-trim-roundup copy

1,  2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10

1. Etsy is full of shops selling vintage (and new) trims, like this peacock inspired brocade.  Adding a bright pattern to the edge of your curtains can add another layer to your design and make your curtains feel more finished.

2. This simple Jute Trim from world-famous M& J Trimming in NYC (don’t worry they have a large online store)would be a lovely textural addition to any curtain.

3.Another vintage trim from Etsy shop, Lucie Tales Vintage.  A metallic trim to add some sparkly to your room!

4&5.Looking to add some spunk to your room?  Try a leather trim from San Francisco based fabric shop, Britex Fabrics.  These add both texture and color in an unexpected way.

6.Look for to add an artful touch?  Try a hand-dyed silk ribbon.  Definitely a unique touch to any room.

7.Cobalt blue is very popular in interior design this season.  Why not add it to your room with this simple trim from Etsy shop, Junque Seeker.

8.This sweet alphabet printed grosgrain ribbon from Paper Mart would add just the right touch of whimsy to any child’s room.

9.For a more feminine addition to your curtains try a vintage lace trim.  This one is from Britex Fabrics.

10.Do you want to really dress-up your draperies?  Try a beaded trim.


You can leave the sewing up to a professional and hire a seamstress to do the work for you, or you can attach the trim yourself.

I found several different methods:

1. Can you sew a straight line? Then you can most likely successfully sew them on yourself.  Here’s a simple tutorial from the blogger behind Red Door Home.

2. Don’t own a sewing machine?  I found this curtain trim success story: Carmel, from the blog, Our Fifth House, simply used her glue gun.500-daisy-upholstery-nails-brass-furniture-studs-tacks-[2]-436-p copy

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