Color Palette: Playing with Primary Colors

Let’s take some tips for using primary colors in interiors  from the Barrie Benson room I am featuring this week:

  1. Pick two of the three colors to be your main color.  Ms. Benson used bold yellow and blue throughout the room.  Use the a soft version of the third color sparingly throughout the room.
  2. Instead of using the red, yellow and blue in their most basic forms use adjacent colors on the color wheel to soften the colors.  Notice that instead of using a true blue Ms. Benson used a turquoise blue, a golden yellow instead of a sunny yellow, and the reds in the room have a lot of orange in them.
  3. Using bold colors can be very daring, but grounding them against dark colors, like Ms. Benson did against the dark gray walls,  gives them depth and makes them really stand out.


Do you have a favorite room that uses a primary color palette?  Please share!

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