The Anatomy of a Phoebe Howard Room

phoebe-howard-living-room copy

I’ve been following the designs of interior designer Phoebe Howard for years.  She consistently creates, for the lack of a better word, pretty spaces.  Her portfolio is full of meticulously decorated homes that when studied provide a full education on creating traditional interiors that work in today’s modern world.  I chose this weeks fairly monochromatic space in contrast to our past two weeks rooms that were brightly colored.  I hope you enjoy studying this room as much as I have.

SYMMETRICAL BALANCE- The pairs of furnishing and accessories in the room create a symmetrical balance that is pleasing to the eye, while at the same time making sure there are several places to sit, set down a glass, and read by lamplight.

PROPORTION & SCALE- All of the furnishings have similar proportions and are also in scale with each other.  Notice that the backs of the chairs and furniture are relatively the same height. The side chairs, though different in style, are both generous in size.  And in the middle of the room sits an equally large coffee table.   Making sure the furniture has similar proportions and is scale with all the other pieces in the room and the room itself brings balance and harmony.

HARMONY THROUGH COLOR PALETTE – The monochromatic color palette(tones of all one color) is easy on the eyes.  Nothing is jarring to distract the eye.  Even that gorgeous wood wall paneling stays within the color palette.

TEXTURE & PATTERN – The monochromatic color palette, though easy on the eyes, would be incredibly boring if there weren’t several different textures and patterns to mix things up.  The brown fabric on the sofa is the only solid fabric in the room.  Everything else has a pattern or interesting texture to it, which add depth and interest.

RHYTHM – The color palette is mostly monochromatic but there are touches of green throughout the room.  By purposely placing the green strategically around the room it creates rhythm…your eye goes from the plant on the side table to the green on the coffee table to the  pillows on the sofa to the green pillow on the side chair.

HARD VS. SOFT LINES – I love how the soft and hard lines work in the room to enhance the design.  The lines on the sofa, chairs, lamps and side tables are round and soft.  They are balanced by the hard lines on the coffee table, decorative screen, artwork, and even the vertical lines created by the wood paneling.  The mix of lines creates a very balanced room.

What did you learn from studying this room?

500-daisy-upholstery-nails-brass-furniture-studs-tacks-[2]-436-p copy

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