The Anatomy of a Taste Artful Interiors & Design Room

I decided to feature a kitchen this week and I must have looked at a hundred before I settled on this beautiful kitchen designed by Taste  Artful Interiors & Design based in Rhode Island.  Though it appears simple it can offer many lessons on creating a great kitchen and good design in general.

taste interior design copy

HARMONY – There are so many elements that go into a kitchen.  Hardware, appliances and sink faucets come in many varieties of colors and finishes and when coordinated correctly can create harmony in a room.  There are also a lot of accessories that go into a kitchen that need to be coordinated – in this kitchen the window coverings, baskets, and storage containers all share a common color and texture that help to create harmony in this kitchen.

LIGHTING – Probably more than in any other room in your house lighting is most important in the kitchen.  I can see at least 3 sources of lighting in this kitchen…overhead recessed lighting is spaced evenly throughout the room, a pair of large pendant lighting over the island to provide direct lighting over a work area, and lighting underneath the upper cabinetry aids in food prep.

LINES – It’s natural that a kitchen is full of straight lines due to the cabinetry.  So, it’s nice that this kitchen breaks up all the straight lines with curvilinear lines found in the pendant lighting, bar stools, and the decorative brackets on the island.  It’s also nice that all of the curvilinear lines are white, which places emphasis on them as a design element.

SHAPE & RHYTHM – The cabinet doors, kitchen island, windows, and appliances in this kitchen are all rectangular.  Keeping the main elements in the kitchen similarly shaped creates rhythm and order.

FOCAL POINT– The kitchen island in the center of the kitchen is an easy place to create a focal point due to its location.  My focus is immediately drawn to the island because of its contrasting color, unique counter top, large pendant lighting, and of course its size.

I think this kitchen is a great example of how even a seemingly simple room depends on carefully composed design elements to be successful.

What’s your favorite element of the room?

500-daisy-upholstery-nails-brass-furniture-studs-tacks-[2]-436-p copy

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