Anatomy of a Room: Better Homes & Garden Bedroom

To finish up my first month of blogging I thought I would feature a bedroom.  Of all the rooms in the house a bedroom is the most private, and I think the place where you might have the strongest opinions about colors and textures and patterns.  So, I picked a bedroom that isn’t very big, but has a lot to talk about regarding color and pattern. And, even if it’s not your personal style (it’s not exactly mine) I think the design of this bedroom has a lot to teach us!

overview copy

Emphasis – The headboard in this room is large and patterned, but it still might have gotten lost amongst all the patterns and bright colors if the wall behind it was a paler color, instead of that dark brown.  Painting the entire wall brown behind the patterned headboard creates depth in the room and places emphasis on the headboard and art.

Scale – Like the paint color behind the headboard, the scale of the headboard draws your eye directly to it.  Let’s do a quick little measurement guess…if the floral pillows are standard euro sham size, 26×26 inches, then the headboard is at least 40 inches from the mattress to the top.  That’s almost four feet.  Definitely large in scale for this small bedroom, and a dramatic focal point.

Unity & Variety  – These two design principles always work together.  It’s nice to have variety in a room, but is should definitely be unified somehow.  In this space there are many colors and patterns that are simply unified by the floral fabric on the bed pillows.  They have the yellow, orange and green colors prominently found in other fabrics and accessories in the room.

Balance – Symmetry is a good way to provide balance and order a room, and it’s especially nice in a bedroom where you want peace and order to start and end your day.  It’s also easy to establish symmetry in a bedroom, since it common to place similar pieces of furniture on both sides of the bed.  And, in the case of this bedroom the symmetry extends to pair of x benches at the foot of the bed.

Rhythm – Having rhythm in the room helps guide the eye around the room.  In this case all the yellow elements help to move the eye pleasingly around the room.

Odd Numbers – There is an unwritten rule that objects grouped together are always more pleasing to the eye in odd numbers…like the group of photos above the bed.

500-daisy-upholstery-nails-brass-furniture-studs-tacks-[2]-436-p copy

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