The Anatomy of a Welcoming Front Door

I picked this week’s Room of the Week for purely selfish reasons.  Well, it’s not really a room, but the entrance to your home.  The front door is the first peek at the interior of the home, and a glimpse of the people (and the personalities) who live inside.  And right now my front door says boring, bland and unkempt.  Obviously, not the first impression I want to make.  So, this month I am focusing on turning my awful front door into a welcoming entrance to my home.

I searched hundreds of pictures of front doors and came up with a simple formula of six elements you need to create your own welcoming front door:

Ample lighting + Perfect color palette + Foliage + Your house number+

A place to wipe your feet +A peek at your personality

Tomorrow I’m going to post the sad before picture of my front door and my plan to revitalize it using these six elements.  I hope you can find inspiration this week using the design below to spruce up your own front door.

anatomy-of-a-welcoming-front-door copy

No. 1 LIGHTING: Nothing is worse than approaching a front door in the dark.  Make sure you have ample lighting (usually more than one source) so your visitors aren’t tripping up your steps or struggling to find your doorbell.  Plus, it can help to establish symmetry which is always pleasing to the eye.

No. 2 COLOR: The door is the perfect spot to add a bright, fun color.  Most homes are neutrally colored, so almost any front door color will work.  But, pay attention to whether or not your home is cool or warm toned and use that to your advantage.  I’ll go into more depth in a post later this week.

No.3  FOLIAGE: Some greenery right by your front door is a great way to instantly add color and life to your front step.

No.4 HOUSE NUMBER: There is no design principle that says you need to put your house number by your front door, it’s just common sense. But, where and how you place it can definitely add to or detract from your design.

No.5 A PLACE to WIPE YOUR FEET: Preserve the floors inside your home by placing a little mat on the outside.  And, you might as well make sure it works with the rest of your front door design.

No.6 A PEEK AT YOUR PERSONALITY: This is the final layer for a welcoming front door.  It’s that little touch that intrigues a visitor when they come to your home, and brings them a smile  or gives them a little something to inspect while they wait for you to let them in.  Such as: a pretty wreath, an interesting door knocker or a quirky sculpture or statue.  In the house above it’s the bright door color mixed with the unusual placement of the house number.

Is your front door already a welcome spot to enter your home?

Do you have any plans for sprucing up your own front door this Spring?

500-daisy-upholstery-nails-brass-furniture-studs-tacks-[2]-436-p copy

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