The Anatomy of a Hillary Thomas Room

I spotted the home tour of Lauren Weisbarth, the sister of one of the founders of One Kings Lane, on their website.  I love all the photos of her home, but I’m particularly fond of her entryway.  Designer Hillary Thomas did a great job making this small space the perfect spot to welcome visitors inside or prepare to go outside, and here are the reasons why I think this space works so well.

anatomy-of-a-hillary-thomas-room copy

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EMPHASIS – A good entryway has to be an intimate space that makes visitors feel welcome in your home.  And a good focal point can help do that.  In this case it’s the large, bold, beaded chandelier that you can’t miss.  The round chandelier in the rectangular space draws your eye in and up, while at the same time bringing the high ceilings lower so the space is more intimate.

TEXTURE – When you want an interesting space, but you don’t want to use lots of colors or shapes, you can use texture. This entry isn’t very colorful, but still plenty interesting, with a different texture on  every surface – the glossy ceiling, the soft carpet and hardwood floor, the beads on the chandelier, the fabric on the pair of stools…

LINE – There are a lot of lines in this entryway and they all run the same direction (the floor, the rug, the moldings). They work to draw you in and out of the space.  Imagine if the direction of the wood in the flooring went the other way – the entryway would be less visually inviting.  The lines in the floor also create a path for you to follow when you enter the home.

COLOR – This entryway is a great example of supporting bright colors with neutral colors.  It teaches us that the trick is to use the bright color as an accent piece and let the neutral colors support it. There are basically only four colors in the space, white, gray, black, and that bright turquoise.  Without the blue in the entry the space would be very neutral and very dull.  But if the space had a lot more turquoise it would be overwhelming.

SCALE – No detail was overlooked in this space, including the inside of the front door.  The large moldings increase the scale of the door and it’s presence in the space.

I’m excited to share more details about this room throughout the week. But first, what’s your favorite part?

500-daisy-upholstery-nails-brass-furniture-studs-tacks-[2]-436-p copy

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