The Anatomy of a Stylish Entry

The Room of the Week has all the elements of a stylish entry – it looks beautiful and also functions well.  It is a rather large space, but we can use the same elements to create our own perfect entry, whatever the size.

the-anatomy-of-a-entryway copy

1. LIGHTING – It’s common sense, but any perfect entry needs a perfect light.  Just make sure it’s not in the way, and provides enough lighting so you can see to tie your shoe or touch up your make-up.

2. PERSONALITY – Just like you want to give people a peek at your personality at your front door, you should do the same in your entry.  Give them a little taste of what is to come!  It could be your favorite paint color, wallpaper, a piece of art, a mirror, a family photo, or an heirloom.

3. A TABLE OR BENCH – It’s nice to have a place to set something down or to sit down.  You may not have a big space, so it could be a small shelf you hang on the wall, a hook, a small bench, table or even just a basket.

4. STORAGE – If your house is like mine, and you have kids who love to dump their belongings at the door, it helps to have storage pieces that can easily corral the mess, but still give easy access.

5. RUG – Put a rug inside the front door to trap the dirt that didn’t get trapped by the mat outside.  Just make sure the mat can hide the dirt – use a mat with texture or pattern, or both!


2 thoughts on “The Anatomy of a Stylish Entry

  1. I absolutely love the capiz shell light. I was looking for a light for my foyer and that would be perfect. My dining area has a capiz shell chandelier that would really work with this one- different style but same material.

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