The Anatomy of an Angie Hrankowsky Room

It was dreary outside today and spring rain is in the forecast for most of the week, so I was looking for a bright room to share with you.  I love designer Angie Hrankowsky.  She always uses color and texture in the most beautiful and thoughtful ways, which is definitely the case for the room I picked for the Room of the Week.  It’s one large room that has been split up into three different spaces for different functions, yet the room feels very harmonious and cohesive…here’s why:

the-anatomy-of-an-angie-hrankowsky-room copy

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EMPHASIS –  There is a lot going on in this room, and if it didn’t have a focal point it would feel very disorganized.  But, the genius of this design is that there is one major focal point so your eye knows where to focus when you enter the room,  and several supporting focal points that organizes the room so each space feels distinct.  The wall of tile and the large range hood is the major focal point that draws your eye through the space.  The fireplace in the sitting area, and the large light fixtures in the dining area are supporting focal points that help to organize the room into separate spaces.

COLOR – One of the biggest design elements that helps to tie all the spaces in this room together is the use of color.  There is one color palette for all the spaces, and you can see from the second image that the color palette extends to the rooms in the rest of the home as well.  Spreading the same colors throughout the space helps to create rhythm and unity in the space.  But, the room would be really boring if the colors were exactly the same, instead there are different shades of purple, orange, blue and green, and gold, which keeps the space interesting and fresh.

BALANCE – The kitchen island, sofa, and dining table are all about the same size, which makes the space feel very balanced.  The table with the lamps on the left side of the space helps to balance the fireplace on the right.  The artwork on one side of the fireplace is balanced by the tree on the other.   Because the space is balanced it has a nice flow to it, and none of the spaces within the room stand out.

SPACE – A lot of homes today have great rooms that can be hard to decorate because of their large size.  Angie Hrankowsky does a great job showing how to create spaces within a room.  She uses lighting and flooring to define each space.  The separate rugs in the dining and living areas help to pull together the furniture naturally into groups separating the spaces.   And the overhead lighting in the kitchen and dining rooms and the lamps in the living room also help to define the separate spaces.

LIGHTING – The lighting throughout the space isn’t exactly the same, but it is coordinated which brings harmony to the room.  They all have some sort of white or gold detail.  It’s that little detail that makes all the difference.

TEXTURE –  There aren’t a lot of patterns in this room, so it’s nice to have an abundance of texture. And everywhere you look there is a different texture to see or touch which makes this room visually interesting around every corner.

This room has more than enough to talk about in just one week, but I’m looking forward to sharing a few highlights. And, remember when I put together my plan to redo my front porch…well, it’s done.  And, I can’t wait to show you later this week and hear what you think!

500-daisy-upholstery-nails-brass-furniture-studs-tacks-[2]-436-p copy

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