The Anatomy of a Cococozy Room

I’ve been scouring the internet and magazines gathering inspiration for my backyard.  When we moved into our townhouse a year ago the backyard was just a cement block surrounded by a bunch of weeds.  And though I’ve already spent lots of time cleaning, planting and gathering furniture, I still have a long way to go.  In all my scouring I’ve been looking for outdoor spaces that look beautiful, functional, and also seem do-able.  One of my favorite examples that had all 3 characteristics was the patio from blogger at Cococozy. Here’s a look at her beautiful space:

the-anatomy-of-a-cococozy-room copy

COLOR – I love the blue and green colors.  They really pop against the grayer blue house color.  And the green coordinates well with the bright green pots and plants.  The stripe fabric (you can see close-up here) has green, blue and white, which unifies all the textiles.

RHYTHM – The patio isn’t very large, so it would seem very cluttered and busy if there were multiple patterns and colors.  Instead, Coco stuck to just a few colors and spread them around the space, which creates a tidy space with a nice rhythm.  She also repeated the diamond shape in the rug…you can see it on the trellises and that large white lantern.  Repeating shapes creates a rhythm for you eye to follow and also brings harmony to the space.

UNITY & VARIETY  – There is a lot of furniture in this small space.  Keeping all the furniture the same scale, style and color helps to create unity among the various areas (dining/lounge) of the patio.

BALANCE – The patio can be split into two with a dining side and a lounge side, but neither side feels heavier or brighter than the other because they are well-balanced with furnishings and color.  Also, the two pots in the foreground help to make the patio feel balanced, while at the same time creating a simple entry point.

SPACE – I love that the patio is split into separate lounging and dining areas.   The rug helps to define the lounge area on the left, and the blue coffee table creates a visual focal point that defines the seating area in the back.  They are both subtle details that really help to organize the patio into meaningful spaces.

EMPHASIS – Where does your eye go first in this picture?  For me it’s the large white umbrella right in the center of the patio.  It’s in the perfect spot to shade all 3 spaces and it connects them all together.  Also, it reminds me of a sail, which is a nice touch on a sunny patio.

I’m using these ideas to update my own backyard patio (I’ll share my plan with you later this week).  Are you inspired by this space?  If so, why?

500-daisy-upholstery-nails-brass-furniture-studs-tacks-[2]-436-p copy

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