Color Palette: Orange & Blue

The color palette in the Room of the Week is my absolute favorite color combination…blue and orange (I came home from a little shopping trip this past weekend and realized I had only bought blue and orange clothing!).  Something about the dark blue with the bright orange has always struck me as bold and fun, but still sophisticated…the perfect combination for a family-friendly room.

Blue and orange are complimentary colors…which means they are directly across from each other on the color wheel.  Every color has a compliment – red & green, yellow & purple.  Both colors in a complimentary color palette are fairly bold, so it helps to bring in a softer shade or a neutral color to tone things down.  The gray walls and the subtle pink accents in the Room of the Week soften the dark blue and the bright orange.

Here are a few other blue/orange rooms that are good examples of introducing a third color in to the mix to soften the palette.

complimentary-colors copy

SOURCES : 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Do you share my love of a blue and orange color palette?

What is your favorite color palette?

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6 thoughts on “Color Palette: Orange & Blue

  1. Exactly the colors I want for my living room. I am moving to a place where the living room is open in mazzanine to the second floor. It is exposed northeast and I wanted to add a warm color as well as get my blue couch in the equation. This will help to maintain a warm feel.

  2. I love the example 2. What are the names of the colors of blue orange and red used? I am mixing the wrong shades and it isn’t coming together. I have the burnt orange and burnt red, but having trouble with the blue shade, keep getting the wrong turquoise shade.

  3. This makes me feel good…our throw pillows are blues and orange and then I have gray in the room with tiny pink. I love these colors, now we need a sectional! Haha

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