Design is in the Details: Making a Bookshelf Look Built-in

I think any great family room definitely needs great storage…books, games, movies, blankets, music, toys…all the “stuff” that makes a family room the perfect hangout. The pair of bookshelves in the Room of the Week provides great storage while at the same time looking beautiful.  They also don’t look like just a piece of furniture…they look like they were made for the room and are built-in.

Here’s a few tricks that help the bookshelves look built-in:

making-bookshelves-look-built-in copy

HEIGHT – I’m pretty sure the height of the bookshelves are not just chance…they were designed or bought with a specific height in mind.  Because the height matches the height of the doorway it helps to make them look built-in.

MOLDING – The molding on the top and bottom of the bookshelves matches the style and size of the rest of the moldings in the room.  Keeping everything similar creates continuity and tricks the eye into making the bookshelves look built-in.

COLOR – The bookshelves don’t stand out in the room because they match the rest of the woodwork on the moldings and the fireplace.

SPACE – If the bookshelves had been narrower and not filled up the entire space they would have felt more like a piece of furniture and not like a built-in.

What kind of storage do you have in your family room?  Right now I have only storage for a few books and movies…I’m hoping to find something as beautiful as the bookshelves above to add storage for some toys and games.  I’ll be sure to share my solution with you when I figure it out.

Fun weekend plans?  I’m in a sand, prime, paint cycle for all the outdoor furniture I’ve inherited from neighbors…trying to make it all look cohesive!  And, I’m celebrating with my little boy who turns 5.  Hope your weekend is great!

500-daisy-upholstery-nails-brass-furniture-studs-tacks-[2]-436-p copy

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