Color Palette: Grown-up, but youthful

In any room your eye is always searching for the object/color/shape/texture that stands out or is the opposite of the rest of the design elements in the space.  If the room is dark your eye is looking for the light, if the room is all white it searches for something dark, if the room has lots of rustic woods it looks for something shiny. This contrast makes the room more interesting and alive.

Without the bright yellow pillow front and center on the bed in the Room of the Week the room would feel very boring…it’s the bright spot among the sea of dark neutral colors, which is perfect for a grown-up bedroom that isn’t trying to be too serious.

Here are a few other scenarios of darker neutrals paired with a bright accent:

a-grown-up-color-palette copy


Scenario 1: sisal wallpaper, bed, stitched pillow shams, striped rug, gray chair, pink rose pillow
Scenario 2: sisal wallpaper, navy pillow, blue patterned chair, navy curtains, wood bed, green pillow
Scenario 3: gray curtains, gray stripe pillow, black bed, lamp, striped rug, leather chair, orange pillow
Scenario 4: frame wallpaper, patterned rug, happily ever after pillow, wood bed, wood lamp, pink ruffle pillow

Do you have a favorite bright color you like to add to keep a room young and alive?

500-daisy-upholstery-nails-brass-furniture-studs-tacks-[2]-436-p copy

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