Design is in the Details: An Element of Fun

When you look at the Room of the Week you can kind of get an idea of the personality of the spunky little girl who might live there based on the bright colors, fun artwork, animals everywhere, and the whimsical corner with the clouds and tent.  It’s those elements of fun throughout the space that make it so wonderful.

It’s no secret that kids can form pretty intense attachments to favorite sports, beloved characters and specific colors.  I think it’s important to include the things they love so their room is truly a reflection of their little personality, but you can definitely go overboard with a theme if you’re not careful. The trick is to find the middle ground.

The bedroom my boys share is fairly small, so I knew I just wanted simple, large artwork that would make a big statement, but wouldn’t clutter up the space.  And, I wanted to play up the symmetry to keep things orderly and easy on the eye.  So I let them pick their favorite “thing” of the moment and I painted them a large picture for above their bed.  They also have a pillowcase that matches.  They’re happy. I’m happy.

boys bedroomI put together this little brainstorming activity you can use with your own child to figure out ways to incorporate their “favorites” into their spaces.  When you’re done brainstorming, just pick one or two favorites, and together come up with a clever way to express them in the room.

a-personalized-element-of-fun copyHow do you incorporate your child’s favorite “things” into their space?

500-daisy-upholstery-nails-brass-furniture-studs-tacks-[2]-436-p copy

6 thoughts on “Design is in the Details: An Element of Fun

  1. You painted those! Your killing me! Amazing. What about A’s room? I haven’t seem that. I love the size of the posters. Perfect.

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