Anatomy of a Room: A London Bedroom

Last week we visited a house in Australia and this week I picked a pretty bedroom in London designed by Max Rollitt as the Room of the Week.  It’s a beautiful mix of traditional and bohemian styles… stately wood furnishings mixed with bohemian colors and patterns.  And, I think it would be the perfect guest room to come home to at the end of a long day sightseeing.

the-anatomy-of-a-london-bedroom copyBALANCE – Symmetry is easy to pull off in a bedroom, and works beautifully here.  But, this gorgeous bedroom would be a little less so if the symmetry was exact.  Instead, you can see the overall symmetry the room, but within the design there are moments of asymmetry…like the balance of the bookshelf on the wall with the picture on the other side of the bed, and the balance of the mismatched table lamps.  Symmetry with a twist is perfect for this traditional/bohemian room.

LINE & RHYTHM – A room with this much color and pattern could get out of hand, which wouldn’t work in this traditional London townhouse.  The scalloped line is a thread running through the room that brings rhythm to all the colors and patterns.

COLOR – Grayed versions of colors are perfect to use as backdrops for brighter colors.  This muted pink color fades into the background and really makes the brighter colors in front of it shine.  It also helps tone down the brighter colors, so they don’t seem overwhelming in a traditional space. Max Rollitt really is a master at picking the perfect wall color to highlight the furnishings and textiles in a room…all of the projects in his portfolio are worth looking at.

PATTERN & LAYERS – I count 7 different patterns in this room, and we can only see half of it in the photo.  The patterns on the bed all work together because they share the same colors and style.  And the blue pattern on the floor repeats the same triangle patterns in one of the pillows on the bed.  Keeping the patterns in a similar color palette, but completely different is a great way to add layers without getting out of control.

SPACE – Instead of trying to cover up the niche’s in this space the designer worked with them.  The dressers fit the empty spaces perfectly, and the hanging bookshelf is the perfect way to fill a space that might otherwise go unused.

I can’t wait to spend the week exploring this room!

500-daisy-upholstery-nails-brass-furniture-studs-tacks-[2]-436-p copy

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