Applied Design: Gallery Wall Tips

One of my favorite parts of the room Lauren Leiss designed is the little gallery of art above the fireplace.  It’s a unique place for an art arrangement, and it’s a big detail that makes this room perfect.

There are lots of tutorials around the Internet for putting together a gallery wall, so I just have one tip for you.  Focus on balance and line when you put together your gallery wall and it will come out visually pleasing.


  • pick asymmetrical or symmetrical balance to make sure that the arrangement is pleasing both left to right and top and bottom.
  • put the larger pieces of art on the bottom to ground the arrangement
  • items can be visually balanced based on size, shape, color, and style of art


  • pick a line on the wall – horizontal, vertical or diagonal and arrange the artwork around it
  • keep the artwork balanced on both sides of the line

Here are some examples so you can see how it works…the first from Lauren Leiss, and the second example is from my own house.

gallery-wall-tips copyI hope this little tip helps!500-daisy-upholstery-nails-brass-furniture-studs-tacks-[2]-436-p copy

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