The Anatomy of a Kid-Friendly Workspace

I hope you had a great weekend.  We didn’t do much of anything which was the perfect start to our busy back-to-school week. And, with the start of school I thought it very appropriate to share a kid-friendly workspace today.  It’s from a home featured on Apartment Therapy, and I think it’s the perfect mix of pretty and function…a truly stylish little spot for work and play.

anatomy-of-a-kids-workspace copySHAPE
The white shelves are exactly the same shape and color as the desk.  They create the perfect clean, simple backdrop for all the homework and craft supplies, artwork, and mementos.  And, the subtlety of the round-shaped accessories (the clock, globe lamp, humpty-dumpty, birds) placed throughout the shelves creates a little thread of continuity that keeps the shelves from looking messy.

Color, especially bold red like in this space, can be used as a way to connect design elements.  Instead of just a jumble of accessories your eye picks out the red on the chair, wastebasket, and accessories  and visually organizes the space and creates a path for the eye to easily follow.

I especially love the way the accessories and books and artwork has been placed on these shelves.  It’s casual…just perfect for a kid workspace.  But, if you look a closer you can see that the arrangements are sophisticated.  Artwork and breakable accessories at the top…pencils and paper and books down below.  There is a focal point on each shelf ( can you pick it out?) that helps to attract the eye, and then other accessories balanced around it in varying heights, colors and shapes.  Each shelf is balanced asymmetrically and they are all balanced with each other.  It gives off an easy vibe…but it certainly takes talent to style shelves this beautifully.

White floors, walls and furniture are the perfect backdrop when you want to work with a bright color, fun pattern or lots of accessories.  In this room, where there are all three (color, pattern and lots of stuff) it is the perfect clean slate, and keeps the room from looking cluttered and out of control.

Do you have any favorite tips for creating the perfect kids workspace?  Or, I would love if you would comment with a link to your own kid’s workspaces…please share!

500-daisy-upholstery-nails-brass-furniture-studs-tacks-[2]-436-p copy

ps…I can’t seem to get enough of rooms with lots of white and bold color. If you are the same you might like this post I did when I first started my blog…White with a Peek of Color.

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