Anatomy of a Room: A California Dream Kitchen

Supposedly summer is over, but we’re still melting here in Maryland so I’m not thinking about Fall just yet…and since Summer is my favorite season of the year I’m happy with it dragging out a little longer.  But, I am noticing the way the light is changing in my house, and I’m starting to think about the darker colors that look so beautiful in the fall.  And, this kitchen I am sharing this week seems like the perfect bridge between Summer and Fall.  Still bright and light but with beautiful darker colors, and lots of texture perfect for Fall.

anatomy-of-a-kitchen copyLAYERS
This brand-new kitchen looks like it’s been here for a while because of the addition of the small layers of details.  The coffered ceiling punctuated with the vintage-style glass light fixtures adds a sense of history to the kitchen. While the patterned blacksplash and rugs add a layer of fun.  And, the rougher texture of the wood flooring and wood cabinets gives this kitchen a timeless feel.

The cement tile backsplash behind the oven is a beautiful way to break up all the white walls and windows.  And it helps to balance out all the other strong elements in the room, like the dark green cabinets, wood flooring and bright green pantry walls.  It is strong enough to hold its own and even stand out. Plus, the pattern subtly ties the kitchen to the rest of this Spanish-style home.

And, the pretty Chevron patterned rugs break up all the dark wood flooring, and are easy to change out when you want a refresh.

Kitchens, because of the nature of the materials in them, can look cold and uninviting.  But, this kitchen feels warm and friendly because of all the soft textures juxtaposed against the cold.  The warm tile backsplash warms up the shiny metal oven hood.  The green cabinets warm up the bright white walls.  The soft fabrics, rugs and basket add warmth to the floors and furnishings.  And, the little touches of greenery bring life and warmth to the entire room.

The green, brown and white color palette is perfect for this Los Angeles kitchen.  In a city where you can spend most of the year enjoying the outdoors it’s nice to bring it indoors as well.   And, the designer did a great job using the colors in understated ways.  The green cabinets aren’t bright or jarring, and are balanced with plenty of white space.  The brown colors brought in through wood elements are used to ground the space and provide a great background to the rest of the room.  All three colors are used equally and in perfect combination with each other.

So much to talk about in this kitchen, and with the short week so little time!  Can’t wait to share more tomorrow.

500-daisy-upholstery-nails-brass-furniture-studs-tacks-[2]-436-p copy

The kitchen is part of the Cottage Living Idea House in 2008.  I’ve had a hard time tracking down a source for this photo because the magazine is no longer published, but here is a link to a video of the home. And, the interior designer is Jackie Terrell.

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