Anatomy of a Room: A Town & Country Mix

I hope you enjoyed the Fall Trends I highlighted last week.  And, for the rest of the month I’ll be showing you rooms that incorporate these trends.  I fell in love with the the beautiful home of the Town & Country magazine Editor, Jay Fielden, featured in the New York Times earlier this year.  It gives a great example of the black, white & wood color palette put into practice as well as other elements and principles of design.  There’s so much to learn from this very chic modern home set in the countryside of Connecticut.

anatomy-of-a-town-and-country-house copy

This modern home tucked away in the country could have been furnished solely with modern furnishings to match its architecture style.  But, it’s infinitely more interesting and comfortable with a mix of styles.  The mid-century dining chairs and lighting, large modern sofas, and traditional wing chairs and artwork create the perfect mix of styles to create a comfortable home.  This is definitely a place where you want to spend long amounts of time either alone or with loved ones.

Most of the furnishings, including the lamps, are low to the ground.  However, there are few pieces, namely the wingback chairs and large fiddle-leaf fig tree, that are larger in scale.  When you place the taller pieces next to the low pieces it emphasizes both pieces.  The wingback chair looks even taller next to the sofa, and vice-versa.  The juxtaposition of the pieces next to each other creates emphasis for both.

The black window and beams have a strong presence in the room due to their size and color.  But, the additional of small bits of black lines (like the floor lamps and side table) throughout the room help to tie them into the room, instead of keeping them on the perimeter…it makes them part of the decor and not just the architecture.

This room is a great example of the black, white and wood color palette that is so popular this season.  Each color was used perfectly to highlight different design elements in the room.  The charcoal black on the wall is the perfect color to divide the living and dining spaces.  The creamy white upholstery softens the room.  And the small amounts of wood on the chairs and floor add warmth to the white and black.

Even though the living and dining spaces are divided by a wall they are still easily accessible to each other.  Instead of creating two separately designed spaces, the rooms flow together.  By using similar colors and textures in the furniture, textiles and finishes in both rooms the design feels harmonious.  This tactic can be used in any home today where rooms are open to each other.  Carry a fabric, pattern, color, texture or style of furniture throughout the space to create rooms that flow.

What’s your favorite part of this house?  Check out the entire tour…the home is incredible all the way through.

500-daisy-upholstery-nails-brass-furniture-studs-tacks-[2]-436-p copy


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