Anatomy of a Room: An Urban Grace Kitchen

Last week I showed you a beautiful room that used the black, white & wood color palette I love for this fall season.  This week I am sharing another room, a kitchen designed by Urban Grace Interiors,  that looks quite different, but uses the same color palette.  It also incorporates wall-mounted task lights and shiplap walls (another trend for Fall 2013).

It’s such a great example of using the color palette to create a bright beautiful room.

anatomy-of-a-simple-kitchen copy

Color is one of the best ways to create emphasis in a room.  In this case the designer used the power of contrasting colors, black & white, to draw the eye toward the wall of windows in the kitchen.  It’s definitely a focal point when you are standing at the sink, but the size and color of the windows makes them a stunning focal point from anywhere in the room.

When you use a bold color in room it’s a good idea to use it somewhere else in the room so it doesn’t feel out of place.  The simple use of black hardware ties the black window frames into the room. And, by keeping the finishes the same (they’re both matte, not glossy) they work even better together.

Good kitchen design is basically about filling your space the best way possible.  Every inch counts. Even the inches above your fridge, or on both sides of your kitchen island, and on every wall.  You get the sense from these photos that every element in this kitchen was designed with a specific function in mind.

The kitchen is centered on the windows above the sink.  The size and style of the island in the center of the kitchen helps to support that balance.  Even in a space where every wall looks and functions differently you can still achieve balance overall (I’ll show you what I mean later this week!).

Shiplap (the style of wood paneling on these walls) is definitely becoming a trend.  It’s a beautiful architectural element that adds beautiful lines to a room.  The white shelves continue the lines around the room.  And, I particularly love the curved lines created by the corbels holding up the white shelves.  Those beautiful lines were a simple design element that added a lot of grace to the space.

There are no busy patterns or loud colors filling this kitchen.  But you don’t miss it because of all the rich textures.  The juxtaposition of the rough brick backsplash placed next to the smooth concrete counters, and the shiny appliances next to the matte white paint is a fantastic way to make an interesting room in a very simple way.

This room may be neutral and simple, but it’s chock full of inspiration, and I can’t wait to share my favorite parts of the room with you this week.

500-daisy-upholstery-nails-brass-furniture-studs-tacks-[2]-436-p copy

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