Applied Design: Filling the Space

Kitchen designers are brilliant at making sure that every inch of space in a kitchen is used to provide maximum benefits (i.e. storage, easy flow).  My two favorite details in the Room of the Week showcase two of these brilliant ideas.

1. The cabinet above the fridge is easy to reach.  And, with all the other open shelving in this kitchen it’s nice that this cupboard has doors. I have a cabinet above my fridge that isn’t reachable, except when I stand on a chair to reach it, so it remains empty, but if it was just several inches deeper it would be reachable, useable space.  Anyone else have this same problem?

2. The countertop on the kitchen island overhangs on both sides, so people can sit around the island, and not just on one side.  This wouldn’t work for every kitchen, but there was enough room here to pull it off.  The kitchen would have been fine with a more traditional island (an overhang on just one side), but it works even better this way.

I pulled together some above-the-fridge design ideas…they range from adding baskets to building shelves.

above-fridge-storage copySOURCES: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

I find that when the space above my fridge is empty it just accumulates clutter, but if I fill the space with something beautiful I’m much more likely to keep it that way.

What about you?  Anything on top of your fridge?  What do you wish was there?

500-daisy-upholstery-nails-brass-furniture-studs-tacks-[2]-436-p copy

3 thoughts on “Applied Design: Filling the Space

  1. i have cabinets above my fridge and i keep all of my grandmother’s china up there. BUT, i have about a 4 inch gap between the fridge and the bottom of the cabinet. not enough space to put anything except the bug zapper. i’m almost wishing i had just a little more space to fit something tiny in there. but i think it’d be too cluttered.

    unless…. you have a good idea. which i’m sure you probably do!

  2. I actually love the first idea. I also have the exact same issue you do: cabinets above fridge are deep and I reachable without chair. What I keep there is stuff we don’t need regularly: light bulbs, cuz the kitchen always goes first, little tool box, medicine far away from the childrens thoughts that high! and even papertowels because of the cupboards depth. These looks are all fantastic. However, the place I’m at in my life is dying to minimalist. The less I See the better! (& the more I forget what’s there LOL)! I enjoy the upper cupboards being unable to reach, therefore in my mind it’s just another mess I don’t have to see 😉
    Thank you for the inspirational shares and great photos!
    Jeanine H

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