The Anatomy of a Patterned Bedroom by Thom Filicia

I’ve always been a fan of interior design Thom Filicia.  He always does a great job of creating soothing color palettes and rooms full of life and layers.  I especially love that all his rooms look like they were photographed during Fall (especially his entire Skaneateles Lake House).  I had a hard time choosing a favorite room to talk about this week, but the bedroom I picked for the Room of the Week has so much to love and learn from.

the-anatomy-of-a-patterned-bedroom copyBALANCE
This room is the perfect example of using symmetrical balance to create a peaceful space.  What do you notice first when you see the room?  For me it goes straight to the center of that stunning headboard.  Does anything feel off?  For me, the answer is a huge no.  Everything works together because everything is balanced.  And, when you are trying to create a peaceful room to begin and end your day symmetrical balance is a good spot to start.

I love the palette in this room…it feels like the perfect mix of colors for fall.  The soft gray and coral and the touch of green help transition from summer to fall.  But they would feel too summery if they weren’t mixed with some shine and the deep red colors to darken the palette.  The soft colors mixed with the shine and a little dark is fun way to put together a color palette as we change seasons.

So much pattern going on here.  Stripes, chevron and ikat patterns have been trendy for awhile and they are all pretty bold alone. But, put them all together and you have an explosion of shapes and lines.  However, it’s a pretty great explosion.  Each of the patterns is used fearlessly and extensively in a unique way…the stripes on each wall, the masses of chevron draperies, and the bold ikat on the floor.  I’ll explore this mix a little later this week…so inspiring!

The easiest way to create emphasis in a room is to play around with scale.  Want your fireplace to be the center of attention….take it all the way to the ceiling.  Want all eyes on your dining table…put the largest, sparkliest chandelier above it.  Want your bed to be the main attraction…make the headboard as grand as you can.  Not only is the headboard tall, but it also wraps around the sides of the bed, and it’s framed by all that pattern and color in the draperies. Nothing can compete.

So many competing lines in this room.  However, rather than feeling like a circus, the lines repeat throughout the space so everything feels cohesive and harmonious.  The v shape in the chevron is repeated in the tufts on the headboard and the lines on the side tables.  The stripes on the wall repeat in the pillowcases.  The curvilinear lines in the bedspread mimic the lines in the ikat rug and pillow.  There’s strength in repetition, especially in a busy room.

I can’t wait to explore this room…I hope it gives you some ideas for your own home this week.

Do you feel like your house typifies a certain season like this bedroom?

500-daisy-upholstery-nails-brass-furniture-studs-tacks-[2]-436-p copy

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