The Anatomy of a DISC Interiors Warm Modern Kitchen

I really love sparse modern rooms, but I just can’t imagine living in one.  But lately I’ve been seeing rooms that are definitely modern, but are mixed with other design styles (industrial, rustic, mid-century)which instantly makes them feel more approachable and live-able.  The Room of the Week, a gorgeous kitchen by DISC Interiors, is a great mix of modern with industrial, rustic and a touch of mid-century…I call it warm modern, and I think it’s a kitchen that would make almost anyone pretty darn happy.

the-anatomy-of-a-warm-modern-kitchen copyLINE & UNITY
There’s no getting away from the lines that are inherent in this loft kitchen.  So, the designer embraced them and carried the long horizontal lines throughout the space, sort-of like a design theme.  That stainless steel shelf above the backsplash isn’t necessary (judging from the lack of stuff stored on it), but it helps carry the lines from the ceiling down to the backsplash, countertop, and the wood paneling on the island. 

There’s also a lot of materials in this kitchen and carrying the long horizontal lines throughout the spaces in each element helps to unify them all.  Take out one of the elements and the kitchen would feel jumbled or disjointed.  Imagine the kitchen if the backsplash had been a solid sheet of marble, or if the kitchen island wasn’t covered in wood paneling but only paint, or if the design of the bar stools didn’t include that solid black horizontal line on the frame.  When you pick a theme find subtle ways to carry it throughout all the design elements for a unified look.

There are plenty of bold design elements in this room that your eyes are drawn too…like the black pendant lights that contrast with the white walls or the giant shiny range hood.  But, I think my eye is drawn most to the colorful artwork placed just off-center.  The lithograph by Matisse is just a little brighter than anything else in the room so you can’t help but be drawn to it.  The window in the artwork draws your eye to it, as if it were a real window.  And, the artwork is such a nice natural element to draw your eye away from the industrial elements and toward the beautiful tile.  It’s a beautiful piece of art thoughtfully placed for maximum impact.

Unlike a lot of large loft kitchens I see this kitchen is warm and cozy.  The gray-green tones of the tile and paint mixed with the warm wood countertops, cork flooring and wood paneling on the island help to warm up the white, while all that white paint keeps all those warm tones from feeling to heavy or dark.  Such a perfect balance of color.

The designer got to pick exactly where the backsplash tile would stop on that wall…it’s almost exactly the center point between the floor and the top of that white ledge, which is a nice pleasing proportion.  And, it’s even more pleasing that it stops about a 1/3 of the way from the floor to the ceiling.  Paying attention to proportions, especially when you get a choice, can be a great way to make your room the most appealing possible.

Those curvy black pendants are works of art on their own, but they would seem a little out-of-place in the space without something to tie them in. And, those black Eames chairs with similar curvy lines in the same color are just the trick.  So, the next time you want to introduce something bold (and maybe a bit risky) into your room think about adding one more design elements in the same shape, color, pattern, texture, etc. so they will feel right at home.

What do you think about this warm modern style?

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