My Home: Fall Details

We’ve had the best fall weather this week, after last week’s 5 days straight of rain.  I don’t have lots of fall decor around my house, but I thought I would show you the little bit I do have.

Remember that post I did with the formula for an easy mantle design?  Well, I used it to put together the mantle in the room just off my kitchen.

fallphoto4It’s pretty simple, but I really love the asymmetrical design and it was really easy to put together.  My talented mother-in-law made the Halloween banner for me…which I definitely need to re-hang!

The next is my entry way.  A little table when you enter with a jumble of mini skeletons, another banner, a string of glass beads I made many years ago, and a little tree from Wegmans (my FAVORITE grocery store…I’m a little obsessed).

fallphoto2On the other side of the entry is this little collage of dried leaves we’ve gathered from around our neighborhood, inspired by this similar wall.

fallphoto1And, of course my front door.  With a pinecone wreath I made last year.

fallphoto3Hope you have a great weekend.  We’re headed to the pumpkin patch! And, hopefully I can spruce up my flower pots…they are empty and so sad right now.  I’m also planning on picking up the paint for my dining room makeover…I have GOT to get started on my plans for that room.

See you Monday!

500-daisy-upholstery-nails-brass-furniture-studs-tacks-[2]-436-p copy

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