The Anatomy of a Playful Living Room by Elizabeth Bauer

I hope you had a great weekend…we kept ours pretty simple because this week is full of Halloween festivities!  And, I picked the perfect room to celebrate Halloween on the blog…this quirky room from Elizabeth Bauer is bright and bold and fun.  I can’t imagine living here, but I really, really want to visit and sit on those furry chairs, and look at everything on the bookshelves, and touch all the stuff on the coffee table.  And, isn’t that piece of art above the fireplace perfect for this Halloween week?!?!

Even though this room is a little over-the-top it offers many good ideas for creating an inviting space that draws you in and makes you want to linger a little (or a lot).

the-anatomy-of-a-fun-living-room copyEMPHASIS
If you have a piece of art as fun as the one in the Room of the Week it should be front and center.  The designer did such a great job of making sure the art stood out, amidst a sea of other bold furnishings and patterns.  The symmetrical bookcases on either side of the fireplace establish that wall as the main focal point, but the colors of the accessories and books are subdued so your eye is not taken away by clutter or an overload of color.  The lights in the ceiling  align with the shelves and fireplace and lead your eye to them.  The shiny gold in the fireplace mantle and the frame of the artwork gets your attention and keeps it.

Texture is one design element that can help you easily create a room people want to sit and stay in.  If my family was invited to this house you can bet that my kids would bolt straight for those fluffy chairs or soft leopard pillows to check them out…and I’ll bet that plush rug feels great underfoot.

Not only are the soft textures in this room inviting, but they also give you a good picture at the personality of the person who lives here.   And, you can also tell that the sense of touch is very important to this person.  This room would look quite different if that pair of chairs was upholstered in a tame gray wool and the pillows on the sofa were a solid color and the rug was a neutral sisal.   And, it would FEEL a lot different….less soft and definitely less inviting.

There are many ways to create rhythm in a room, and flooring is an excellent option.  EThe rug in this room gives your eye and your feet a clear path to follow.  The rug in this room not only leads your eye into the room and to the focal point.  And, because of the pattern of the rug, it actually creates a little footpath into the seating area as well.

The asymmetrical coffee table is a perfect fit for this quirky space.  First, it’s easily reached from any seat in the arrangement.  And second, its playful curvy design flows right along with the design of the rug and the design of the entire room.  And, the designer did a great job styling the top of the table again using asymmetry.  Asymmetrical design on top of an asymmetrical piece of furniture makes for a very balanced spot in the room.

There isn’t a single repeating pattern in the room.  The leopard, stripe, tribal, and greek-key patterns all fit together because they stay within the color palette set by the bold artwork: red, black, white and yellow.  They all have one or all of those colors…it’s a simple trick to create unity amongst variety.

500-daisy-upholstery-nails-brass-furniture-studs-tacks-[2]-436-p copy

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