On the Other Side of the Room: Taking a room from filled to designed

I love that the architects who designed the Room of the Week had it photographed from two different angles, so we can see what’s on the other side of the room.


Here are my two favorite details from this side of the room:

  1. From this angle you can see more of how it’s positioned into the house and how you access the room from the rest of the house (and outdoors). And, you can see that this dining room is not just a table and chairs. I love the very stylish (functional + attractive) sideboard in the room. Its color helps it blend in with the wall, which is great for a piece that is going to work hard especially during a party, but doesn’t need to be the center of attention. And, the style of the piece matches the style of the other pieces in the room…I especially love the legs.
  2. The room wouldn’t be less functional without that little sofa in the corner, but it also wouldn’t be as special. That empty corner bathed in sunlight was the perfect spot to make a small sitting area.  It’s not fancy or over-designed.  Just a simple shape, with a low profile, in the color palette that provides the perfect spot for guests to wait, or a tucked-away seat to enjoy the sunshine.

These details can definitely inspire us in our own homes.

  1. Hardworking furniture can play a supporting role in a room by blending in with the rest of the furnishings and the architecture.
  2. Are you missing out on an opportunity to add that “something special” to your home?   Is there an unused corner of your home you could fill with something functional (or pretty or both)?
  3. Is there an interesting place/nook in your home where you can add seating to take advantage of sunlight or a view or would feel particularly cozy?

I love small thoughtful details like this that change a room from just being filled to being designed.

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