Design is in the Details: Kid-Friendly Details in a Formal Space

While the Room of the Week looks ready for a grown-up dinner party, I can see so many details that make it a hardworking room perfect for a family with kids.kid-friendly details copyONE: Fancy Fabrics Out of Reach
Go ahead and splurge on those expensive fabrics for a formal room, but get them out of reach of sticky fingers.  It’s a win-win.

TWO: Wipe-able Decor
Instead of a piece of precious artwork on canvas, use items that can be easily wiped down from a stray splatter.  A mirror like this will stay looking new for many years.  And, if you have a favorite piece of art you want to use try framing it behind glass or acrylic to protect it.

THREE: Bright Washable Walls
Keep your white walls looking fresh by using paint with an easy-to-wash sheen.

FOUR: Sturdy Clean-able Chairs
These sturdy wide,deep chairs are the perfect size for adults to feel comfortable, but also make them hard for kids to tip over.  And the wood and leather finishes make them easy to clean and keep looking new.

FIVE: Solid Hardwood Furniture
A table that is completely hardwood throughout will stand the test of dinner time much longer than something that is just a veneer.  And with hardwoods the nicks and scratches that are inevitable with kids just add to the character instead of looking like an eye-sore.

SIX: Low-Maintenance Flooring
Medium-toned wood floors are the best for looking the most clean in between moppings.  A darker floor will show more crumbs and dust from daily living, while lighter floors cannot hide whatever is tracked in on the bottom of soiled shoes.

SEVEN:Soil-Masking Patterns
Persian rugs are perfect underfoot in a dining room.  Made of naturally stain-resistant wool, this patterned rug will act as camouflage until you can clean them up.

What are your tips for creating a family-friendly, but formal dining room?

500-daisy-upholstery-nails-brass-furniture-studs-tacks-[2]-436-p copy

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