Setting the Thanksgiving Table: My Own Table

We’re celebrated Thanksgiving early this year (yesterday!) because our family is leaving tomorrow….we’ve been calling it fakes-giving.  So, I thought I would share a few little snippets of my own table.  I spent the day cooking with my darling sister-in-law and we were racing the fading sunlight to snap photos of the table.

mytable1I bought some pretty red-orange flowers for the center bouquet and we gathered pine branches and maple leaves to round out the centerpiece.  A brown tablecloth, some polka-dotted wrapping paper, gold spray-painted pinecones, and lots of little candles for the center.  I used some simple white mid-century plates I have topped with our utensils wrapped with some clay leaves I made last week.mytable2mytable3We had a wonderful dinner, and hopefully I’ll be hungry again for our second dinner on Thursday with friends.  I have some posts already lined up for the rest of the week…so see you in December!

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2 thoughts on “Setting the Thanksgiving Table: My Own Table

  1. Looks beautiful! I spray painted my gourds and mini pumpkins in gold last year. Gold spray paint does wonders in all the nooks and crannies.

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