Anatomy of a Room: A Cozy Spot for Winter

I’ve had this Room of the Week in my head for a while now…I’m helping some friends decorate their formal living room and this room was one of their inspiration images.  Designed by CWB Architects, this room is a great example of how to design a cozy spot without using dark colors or heavy textures or lounge-y furnishings typically associated with a room for Wintertime.

Take a look!
the-anatomy-of-a-cozy-nook copySPACE
With a fireplace that gorgeous in the center of this room it feels natural to place a sofa right in front to enjoy it best.  But, I love the way the furniture is tucked into the nook by the window.  It’s equally as cozy because the furniture is tucked in snugly.  And, tucking the furniture out-of-the-way makes for a nice open entry into the room, so the fireplace can be enjoyed by those entering the house.  Wouldn’t this be the perfect room to have a party in?  Room to stand and mingle by the fire, with an intimate seating area nearby….perfect! Plus, putting the seating arrangement near the window helps to take advantage of the best light and sunshine especially during the dreariest months of the year. Take a look at your own house…is there a better layout than the obvious set-up you already have?  Should you rearrange your furniture during the winter to take advantage of your windows?

Just a few other quick thoughts on this space and how it’s filled.  There are several custom details that really help this room feel perfectly designed.

  1. The furniture here fits perfectly in this space.  The size of the sofa and size and shape of the chairs are no accident.  I’m sure the designer knew the exact sizes of the pieces that would fit into the room before they were purchased.  Laying out floorplans before you go shopping can help you get the exact right sizes of furniture for your space.  Same goes for accessories…those orange pillows fit those patterned chairs perfectly…like they were custom made for them.
  2. The carpet was custom designed for this room.  It looks like just basic wall-to-wall carpeting that has been cut to fit the room perfectly, including wrapping around the fireplace.  It’s a small design detail that takes this room to a new level.

The pair of windows in the room is just asking for symmetrical balance with the rest of the furnishings.  Pairs of lamps, tables and chairs fit right in and make the space feel very pulled-together and calm.  Taking cues from architecture, instead of fighting against it, can help to create a cohesive design.

The first adjective that comes to mind when I see this room is NOT bold.  But the bright orange, yellow and blue accent colors are definitely so.  However, surrounded by warm grays, soft whites, and dark woods the bold colors soften and balance the neutral colors instead of standing out and feeling garish.

The upholstered pieces of furniture in this room share very angular crisp lines and are all very leggy.  In contrast, the rest of the furnishings and accessories share a round shape.  The lamps and lampshades, cocktail table, and even the chandelier are circular are a nice complement to the rest of the pieces.

The Chiang Mai fabric used as the pillows on the sofa has been very popular the last few years.  It’s a busy pattern, but used sparingly it is the perfect piece to unify the other colors in the room.  It was most likely the starting inspiration piece for the color palette and then the other textiles and patterns were chosen to match.

I’ll be back tomorrow sharing more about this lovely room, and I have some fun holiday-related posts planned each week this month as well.  Thanks for joining me!

500-daisy-upholstery-nails-brass-furniture-studs-tacks-[2]-436-p copy


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