My Home: My Christmas Mantle

I’m late posting today because I’ve been busy play Christmas catch-up.  I hadn’t bought a single thing until my finals ended on Monday, so I have been shopping and decorating up a storm since!
Since I shared how I would decorate the kitchen Room of the Week I thought I would share a bit of my own kitchen decor.  We have a small room right off our kitchen that has a fireplace and is just big enough for a small loveseat and chair.  I decided to decorate the mantle.  Now, I’ve had the same decorations for years because I really prefer to spend my money on home decor I can use for more than just a few weeks of the year.   So, my mantle is a Scandinavian inspired design, with a white, wood and green color palette.  It’s a vignette of things I’ve had for years (the nativity and yarn trees), and a few inexpensive additions (paper star Ikea lamps, felt ribbon garlands,a paper fan from the Target dollar section, and some branches from the backyard).

mantle2mantle1mantle3I can think of a million different ways to style this space, given more time and money, but I’m pretty happy with it for now….

Do you buy new decor every year, or save your money for home decor the rest of the year?

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