The Anatomy of a Calm Eclectic Living Room

I remember seeing the home of Susan Becher in Lonny Magazine in 2011 and loving how eclectic but serene it felt.  And, then when one of my favorite blogs,Savvy Home, shared it last week again, I thought it was definitely time to feature it here as a Room of the Week, especially since it’s already decorated for Christmas.  It showcases so many design tricks for creating an eclectic space that feels both collected and layered and quirky, but still peaceful and calm.

the-anatomy-of-calm-eclectic copyHARMONY
The black window mullions are a prominent architectural element in this room and probably existed before it was furnished.  But, rather than dominating the room with the its size and color, the window fits in perfectly with all the other black lines and rectangular shapes, particularly in the rug.  When you can’t change your architecture create harmony by blending it in and making it look intentional.

What is the color palette for this room?  The answer lies in the piece of art hung above the sofa.  You can trace any color in the room back into that painting.   And, even though there is an eclectic mix of cool and warm colors and traditional and contemporary furnishings the room feels peaceful and pulled-together all because of one little painting.

I love the all the contemporary art pieces hung throughout this home.  And, I love that all of the furniture is very sculptural as well, especially the out-of-scale floor-lamp.  It’s exaggerated size makes it an instant piece of functional art.  But, its neutral color keeps it from feeling cartoon-y.

Imagine the space with a rectangle coffee table instead…it would create a barrier to the sofa, and a really harsh strong long in a room already full of strong lines.  Instead, the round coffee table breaks up all those lines and keeps the room open visually, so the eye has room to move around.  And it also keeps the room open for people to easily enter and exit the room.  This loose furniture arrangement is very comfortable visually and physically. How can you loosen up the furniture arrangement in your home?

See that trashcan hiding under that gorgeous wood table?  Yeah, it took me some time to spot it too because it’s so well hidden underneath that beautiful table topped with that amazing collection of pottery, and those little stools are cleverly placed in front.  In a small space, especially like this one, where a room does double duty as a personal and business space, there will always be those necessary and functional pieces that can foil the best decorating plans.  But, the trashcan stays in the color palette to blend in and is “hidden” by so many other beautiful things that it’s not an eyesore.  We all have these functional pieces in our own homes (thermostats, air vents, trash cans, cords, etc.)…and I’ll be back later this week to explore more how to help them work with your decor instead of destroying your vision.

If I only felt as calm and collected as this room looks…but I’m running around like crazy this week so I can relax next week!  But, I still have some fun posts lined up.  Happy Monday!

500-daisy-upholstery-nails-brass-furniture-studs-tacks-[2]-436-p copy

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