Anatomy of a Fresh Family Room

I’m back after a very luxurious two-week break from blogging.  I am ready to jump back into sharing a pretty room this week.  For the month of January I am focusing on rooms that feel uncluttered and fresh and fun…rooms that I would love to spend some time in during this gloomy and cold month of January.  And rooms that inspire me to de-clutter and freshen up my own home.

First up this week, a fun and pretty room designed by Australian firm, Brett Mickan Interior Design.  I’ve had this room saved up for several months now and this week is the perfect time to share.  It’s a beautiful example of using bright color and fun patterns in a room that still feels very much grown-up.  And, this room is a great example of creating a space that isn’t just pretty, but is also extremely functional.  Let’s take a look!

the-anatomy-of-a-fresh-living-room copySCALE
You can’t help but notice that over-sized red lampshade.  It’s playful and fun and makes you want to turn it on just see how it looks.  But, the lampshade fits-in with the rest of the room without feeling cartoon-ish because it follows some simple rules.

  1. The particular color is a softer version of the other brighter red accessories in the room.  If the shade was both large and bright red it would overpower the rest of the design elements in the room.
  2. The scale of the shade suits the lamp base.  This particular size wouldn’t have worked as well on a table lamp.
  3. There is only one, so it’s not competing for attention.

White walls, wood floors, and neutral toned furnishings would be very safe but boring in this fun family room.  The addition of patterned textiles and bright accessories makes this a fun place to hang out, while at the same time being very easy to change-up with the trends.  The Chiang Mai fabric pillows are definitely trendy right now (I’ve already mentioned them here and here), and provide a beautiful starting point to determine a color palette.  If you find a fabric (or piece of art or rug) you love create your room around it and you’ll love it for a very long time.

You can see this room gets plenty of natural light during the day, which would make it very enjoyable to spend time in.  To keep that same functionality and enjoyment throughout the day it should be equally well-lit at night.  Which means you shouldn’t leave any part of the room dark.  A mix of lamps and sconces (and I hope lights on the bookshelf) help keep the room functional and pretty even after the sun sets.

Take a minute to go look at the photos from the rest of the house…The walls are mostly a beautiful gray-green color, but this room is set-apart with white walls.  The contrast of wall-color sets the room apart and makes it feel different and new and fresh.  And, the stark contrast of the white walls against the very dark wood floors makes the white walls seem even whiter and the dark floors even darker.

All those soft neutral colors would still be nice without the shiny silver elements, but your eye would get tired of seeing the same texture everywhere.  Instead, pick a color in the palette and introduce it in a new texture…the gray color added as shiny silver injects a lot more interest than a flat gray painted table or gray linen lampshade.

I’m excited to continue exploring the room throughout the week.  And, I have some new post ideas to share with you this month as we head into a new year.  Happy Monday!

500-daisy-upholstery-nails-brass-furniture-studs-tacks-[2]-436-p copy

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