Housekeeping: My Plans for 2014

As I’ve thought the past few weeks about projects I would like to complete around my house in 2013 I came up with three different goals:

I’ve started a running list of all the unfinished details in every room.  There are small little projects I’ve passed over because we’re just renting, but since we’ve decided to stay awhile longer this is the year I tackle them all.  I won’t bore you with the entire list, but it includes things like patching the finger-sized hole in the breakfast nook ceiling where the previous renters decided to weirdly swing the chandelier to another part of the room, or the paint touch-ups the trim so badly needs. Most of the things on my list will just take a few minutes, but will make a huge difference in making my home feel complete.

I love to plan projects and start them and then I fizzle out.  Most of my rooms I am about 60% happy with.  So, this year I tackle the other 40%.  Things like hanging the art I bought but hasn’t been framed, buy and hang blinds in the windows without, finish those dining room curtains, and repaint the rooms I am unhappy with.  This list is long and more expensive, so it will take all year and probably into next…actually it probably won’t ever be done.  But, if I make a list of EVERYTHING and prioritize it starting with the things that bug me the most I should increasingly feel like my house is coming together throughout the year.

And for my biggest project, I’m taking our basement playroom and changing it into a completely new space. When we moved into our townhouse last year I quickly set up the playroom in our basement and haven’t touched it since.  The problem is my kids never ever use it.  They are always dragging the toys upstairs to play or playing with the few toys they stash in their rooms (they each have a big box under their beds).  And, I think I know why…it’s cold, and has almost no lighting rendering the space unusable if its dark out, and there’s nowhere to sit.

This is the year to fix that.  I’ve decided to create a cozy family room…comfy places to sit, our TV (we only have 1), soft rugs, better lighting.  My hope is that we all venture downstairs to hang out together more often, while at the same time saving my living room furniture from its current life as a jungle gym.  I did a huge playroom purge last week and cleared out the room so I have a fresh start.  I’ll be sharing my design process here as I make progress.  Here’s a quick picture of how the cleaned-out part of the room looks now…the toys are stored on the other side…basement family roomDo you have any projects, big or small or a list of them, you’re planning for this year?  Just a small list or a complete room re-do.  As an interior design junkie I love to hear about any and all design projects so please share!

I’m excited to share all my progress with you as I tackle projects all year long. I’m starting by gathering some paint chips this weekend. Hope you have a great weekend as well!

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