Design is in the Details: A Formula for Artfully Displayed Family Photos

So many small details I love about the Room of the Week, but I want to focus on the beautiful vignette on the console table. It’s a fantastic mix of family photos and artful objects all framed by a gorgeous piece of art, and gives us a great formula for styling your own family photos, whatever your style.  I put together three scenarios using the same set-up as the table in the Room of the Week to show you what I mean…

formula-for-displaying-family-photos copySOURCES:
Scenario 1:Grove Console Table | Paule Marrot Artwork | Rock Sculpture | Fern in Terracotta Plant | Large Gilt Frame | Small Gilt Frame | Brass BowlGlass Head | Scenario 2: Black Brady Console | Turtle Bay Artwork | Terrarium | Red Satellite Bowl | Small Silver Frame | Large Silver Frame | Large Silver Candlestick | Scenario 3: Emmerson Wood Console | Esther Stewart Artwork | Black Modern Candlestick | Small Textured Coral Box | Large White Frame | Small White Frame | Molecule Building Set | Aloe in Yellow Planter

A few other things I love about the vignette:

  • the entire table is filled (my scenarios could definitely use more picture frames).  think about adding items in layers from front to back.
  • the vignette is so pleasing because it follows basic design principles.  there is a focal point, asymmetrical balance and sticks to a general color palette.
  • notice that everything is facing forward…no frames are put at a diagonal (that can look a little outdated).

I hope this inspires you to think about the way you display photos and other pretty objects in your house…maybe a little rearranging is in your future!

500-daisy-upholstery-nails-brass-furniture-studs-tacks-[2]-436-p copy

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