Color Palette: Monochromatic (with a splash)

What are the visual images or words that come to mind when you think of a monochromatic color palette?  I’m guess that bright and alive and fun aren’t the top 3.  But, those are exactly the adjectives I would use to describe the color palette in the Room of the Week.  The grey monochromatic color palette could have easily looked drab or boring, but instead it feels fresh and light and fun.

Here are my thoughts on why it works so well.

  • The darkest colors are used sparingly on just two armchairs and throw pillows
  • The dark colors are contrasted by lots and lots of lighter shades
  • The walls are the lightest of the gray tones to give a nice clean backdrop
  • There is just one bright accent color, orange.  It’s used in extremely small doses in comparison to the all the gray so it doesn’t overpower the room, but it’s hue is intense enough to stand up to the gray without getting washed out.

Here are a few other monochromatic rooms that use an intense hue to break up the monochromatic color palette.

monochromatic with a splash copySOURCES: ONE (blue monochromatic, black accent) | TWO (gray monochromatic, blue accent) | THREE (gray/blue monochromatic, pink accent) | FOUR (brown monochromatic, pink accent)

All of these scenarios make it look fairly simple.  Gather your largest furnishings and textiles in shades of one color and then pick just one accent color to add in very small manageable doses.  The tension between the monochromatic and the intense accent color really makes for an exciting monochromatic room.

500-daisy-upholstery-nails-brass-furniture-studs-tacks-[2]-436-p copy

4 thoughts on “Color Palette: Monochromatic (with a splash)

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