The Anatomy of a Sweet Traditional Bedroom

I lean toward more eclectic or mid-century rooms for my personal style, so I forget to share more traditionally styled room.  But, when I saw the work of Katie Rosenfeld I knew that I had to share it here.  She creates beautiful traditional rooms that feel very bright and modern and perfect to start off 2014.  And, the particular room I picked this week is a beautiful room that uses the prettiest color palette and the sweetest design details.

anatomy-of-a-sweet-traditional-bedroom copy

When the biggest piece of furniture in the room is symmetrical in design, use it to your advantage and build the room around it, symmetrically of course.  This four-posted bed would be the center of attention no matter what else was placed in the room.  The gorgeous symmetry created by the pair of tables and lamps adds to the focal point and supports the main attraction.

The strong lines created by the posts on the bed and the curtain rod are softened by their colors.  The wall color is almost the same color as the bed posts and the curtain rod matches the wood trim nearby exactly.  The lines are still very strong and visible, but softer and less overwhelming.

So many patterns on the pretty bed in this room…diamond, paisley, floral, dot.  And, Instead of adding yet another pattern to the window, the floral pattern from the bed is used again.  Not only does it help the room to feel decorated and coordinated, but it also gives rhythm to the room…a connection between different design elements for your eye to follow.

The soft purple, pink and green in the room create such a pretty palette for a young girl.  But, add in the vibrant orange and deep purple pillows and it adds depth and makes this room more appropriate for a teenager.  The designer smartly chose to add these deeper shades in small doses so the room still feels vibrant and light.

I love how all the furnishings match the scale of the large bed frame. No wimpy lamps, spindly tables or petite chairs here.  All of the furnishings work to support the size and shape of the bed.  And because the scale on all the pieces matches, everything flows nicely together.

The furniture in this room is fairly traditional, and it’s the patterns on top that make it appropriate for a kids room. And, not just the addition of pattern, but the addition of lots of patterns in lots of pretty pastel colors.

I hope your week is off to a great start! Looking forward to sharing my favorite details of this room throughout the week.

500-daisy-upholstery-nails-brass-furniture-studs-tacks-[2]-436-p copy

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