Housekeeping: A Basement Family Room Floorplan

One of the biggest benefits to hiring an interior design is that they understand and use the process of design.

Before I went to design school I spent years making design decisions based purely on whether I liked something, or guessing that it would fit, or knowing that I could just make it work.  But, once I learned the process of design I learned how to make the best decisions for my home, without costly mistakes (poorly sized furniture, off paint colors, etc.).

The first process in designing a room is usually creating a floor plan (sometimes called a space plan), which really helps you narrow down a vision for your room.  You will be able to see the exact size furniture you need, and also which design elements you can actually fit into the room and which you should let go.

So, that’s where I started with my basement family room re-do.  Here’s a floor-plan of the room with the pieces I would like to incorporate.

basement floorplan copyI learned several things about the room when I was creating the floor plan.

  • My sofa can be 90″ long maximum.  Any longer and it will block the sliding glass door and the walkway.  Bad for the flow of the room, and bad for the sofa that would get hit by kids all day long as they tried to get around it.
  • I only have room for one side table.
  • My original plan to use my existing dresser to hold my TV is not going to work, since it is 60″ long, and my space would look much better with something 48″.
  • I have room for a game table, something my kids and husband would really enjoy.
  • The room will look a little more open if I use a smaller rug than planned, plus smaller means I save a little money.

Even if you aren’t an interior designer you can create your own floor plan.  I used for my floor plan, which is fairly easy to learn and is free if you are just doing one project.  Or you can easily create a quick sketch using good old graph paper, or even putting down painters tape directly onto the floor to check sizes.  Any way you do it, you won’t regret thinking through your floor plan before you start making any purchases.

Now, that I have my floor plan I’m ready for the next step…some sketches which I’ll show you next week! Have a great weekend.

500-daisy-upholstery-nails-brass-furniture-studs-tacks-[2]-436-p copy



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