Housekeeping: Sketches + Filtered Light

Last week I talked about floor plans as one of the tools used by interior designers to create the best room possible.  Even though they can help you determine what will work spatially it can still be hard to visualize how things will work in a room.  So, often designers use sketches, both simple hand drawings and detailed computer renderings, to help their clients (and themselves) visualize a room.  Several years ago I took a drawing class focused on drawing interiors in perspective.  One of the ways we practiced was to pick a room we loved to copy.  And, I picked the Room of the Week.  I loved it then and obviously I love it now.

nickeykehoesketchMost designers won’t create a sketch this detailed, it’s just not cost-effective.  If they do get this detailed it will most likely be a computer rendering.  But, it was fun to learn and taught me a lot of tools to quickly sketch ideas for visual reference.  Even if you’re not super skilled at drawing it might be helpful to create a little sketch before making any big plans.

On a sort-of-related note…one of my favorite things about the Room of the Week is the beautiful ceiling-height tree in the corner, and how it diffuses light and adds life to the space.  When the weather started getting colder my neighbor asked if I would like to winter his Bougainvillea in my house.  Of course I said yes.  It sits in my almost-empty stair landing and diffuses the light coming in through the window.

stairway And, even though it’s not blooming yet it reminds me of my home in San Diego and feels a little like summer even on the coldest January day.
Oh, and today marks my one year blog anniversary.   It’s been lots and lots of work, but so much fun!  Have a great weekend!

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