The Anatomy of a Burnham Design Bedroom

I’m so happy we’re finally in February!  January was a very, very long month at our house, and February feels that much closer to warmer weather, so I’m happy to be here.  I decided to spend this month focused on bedrooms (a not-so-subtle nod to Valentines Day).  And, I’d like to start taking requests…if you have a bedroom or bedroom style you would love me to dissect here, just email me (emily@theanatomyofdesign) and I would be happy to help out!

First up this month is a bedroom by Burnham Design.  I’ve been meaning to share a room from Betsey Burnham since I started this blog so here we go. This room is such a beautiful example of creating a room that is clean and clutter-free, but incredibly fun and interesting.a-betsy-burnam-bedroom copyCONTRAST
The crisp white bedding, fresh wallpaper and tailored draperies are gorgeous, but it’s the vintage carpet on the floor that makes this room feel so well designed.  The contrast of the new furnishings with the old gives this room a story, something deeper than just surface design.  Think about this juxtaposition when you’re designing in your own space.  Try a vintage dresser beneath a wall of new artwork or a vintage pillow atop fresh bed linens.

I love the shape of the chandelier hung overhead, and I especially love its color that allows it to blend in with the ceiling.  If it had been any other color you it would have taken the emphasis away from the walls and pretty bed.  Instead, its color allows it to be seen without taking over.  In contrast, the color on the pink-patterned bed pillow attracts attention because it is a unique color in the room and stands out against the gray and white on the bed.

An easy way to create rhythm in a room is to dress all the windows the same, which allows your eye to connect them all together.  And, in this room, that rhythm is even strong thanks to the dark contrasting trim on the draperies.

The large-scaled patterned wallpaper is a gorgeous choice for this room.  Because it covers a large part of the room it’s nice that nothing is trying to compete with it so the room doesn’t look busy.  The other patterns introduced into the room are at smaller scales, so they are noticeable (because they are different) but not detracting.

Contrasting textures in this room really make it feel luxurious.  The crisp cool duvet cover topped with the rich soft blanket makes the bed look instantly inviting.  The soft vintage rug atop the cool dark wood floors adds a layer of luxury (especially for your feet).  Think about where you could add a layer of luxury to your own bedroom…try an ultra-soft throw at the foot of your bed, or tailored drapes over simple windows.

Sometimes designers talk about the “ground” of a fabric, which means they are referring to the main background color.  In this case all the patterns share the exact-same crisp white ground as the duvet cover, which allows the pattern to pop right off the fabric.  A pattern closer to the ground color would be less bold.

500-daisy-upholstery-nails-brass-furniture-studs-tacks-[2]-436-p copy

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