Design is in the Details: A Headboard Change-up

One of my favorite casual details in the Room of the Week is the simple textile draped over the neutral headboard.  It adds a cozy layer, a shot of color and relaxes the shape of the headboard.  I can think of so many scenarios where this could be the perfect design solution:

  • to update a hand-me-down bed frame for a current look
  • to make a more mature headboard look appropriate in a child’s room
  • change up your room temporarily as the seasons change, without spending lots of money
  • to cover up a wood headboard for a softer change
  • to fancy up a plain, but functional, headboard

This casual trick can work with almost any design style (thought maybe not in a very traditional formal bedroom).  Here are just a few examples….


Quilts, small throw blankets, vintage scarves, or even a pretty piece of fabric (try a tablecloth or curtain) will work perfectly.  I love to use this little decorating trick when I want a quick update to the upholstered headboard in my guest room.

500-daisy-upholstery-nails-brass-furniture-studs-tacks-[2]-436-p copy

2 thoughts on “Design is in the Details: A Headboard Change-up

  1. This gets my mind rolling. I LURVE that UO blanket. Thanks for sharing that. Now I’m also inspired to throw a kilim or morrocan rug over a headboard. It’s a great “save” option if you can’t afford a large rug, but want the color and texture. Fabulous inspiration, as always 🙂

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