Applied Design: How to Add Coastal Details (without looking nautical)

The Room of the Week is definitely a coastal-themed room. But it isn’t filled with seashells or anchors or boats.  Instead, Jeffrey Alan Marks used color and texture in simple ways to create this beautiful room.  And, all of his ideas are easily implemented if you’re looking to create a room with a similar look or feeling.

adding-coastal-elements copyONE: Low-Maintenance Wall covering
Grasscloth is a perfect choice for a coastal setting both stylistically and functionally.  It’s coloring and texture instantly conjure up golden sandy beaches.  And it is a hardworking solution that will hide scuffs and stains and still look beautiful.

TWO: Mildly Themed Artwork
It’s definitely ok, and very fun, to have themed artwork in your home, but steer clear of anything that looks too nautical or beach-themed.  Instead, use pieces that reference your particular location, artwork that sticks to a nautical color palette without actually being nautical, and prettily framed photographs.

THREE: Warm, Weathered Woods
Adding furniture in warm wood tones helps to create that cozy feeling, and looks great with all surrounding cool blue colors.  Pieces that have been loved and used for years, like the gorgeous wood dresser in this room, work perfectly in a casual room.  Plus, you’re not worried about the upkeep needed to maintain a pristine appearance.

FOUR: Wrinkled Linen
Linen’s naturally wrinkled appearance makes it a great fit for a beach house where lounging around in wet swimsuits is likely to occur.  It’s rumpled look and soft texture is inviting and will not look any worse for the wear after a full day of play.

FIVE: Houseplants
A coastal room is all about bringing the outdoors inside in both subtle and not-so subtle ways.  You should actually bring the outdoors in with a touch of greenery.  Preferably something easy to maintain.

SIX: Small Nautical Details
I love how the rope handle makes that contemporary lucite stool fit in perfectly with this coastal room.  Small little nautical details can help you incorporate contemporary pieces into your home.  And, a few contemporary accents add a modern edge to a more casual home.  It’s a winning combo.

SEVEN: Outdoor Furniture
Outdoor furniture is made to withstand harsh outdoor weather, making it perfect for a coastal home where the line between outdoors and in is blurred.  Rattan furniture looks right at home inside and brings a complimentary texture to the room, without adding color.

EIGHT: Natural Fiber Rugs
Rugs made from natural fibers are perfect in coastal setting.  Their color and texture feel good underfoot and help to hide stains.  Plus, they rarely need to be vacuumed and in the meantime they will act as camouflage for all the sand that will inevitably get tracked-in.

500-daisy-upholstery-nails-brass-furniture-studs-tacks-[2]-436-p copy

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