The Anatomy of a Playful (But Timeless) Bedroom by Emily Henderson

I’ve been following Emily Henderson ever since her Design Star win on HGTV years ago.  And, her aesthetic just keeps getting more sophisticated and thoughtful.  When I saw this bedroom she designed for a young boy  I fell in love with its appeal for both kids and adults.  Just a few tweaks and this room would work for a teen or college student or even a twenty-something young man.   There is so much to learn from the thoughtful design that went into this space to make it both kid-friendly and timeless, which is why its the perfect Room of the Week.

the-anatomy-of-a-boys-room-that-will-last copyLAYERS
If you want a room that will last both visually and functionally for many years try including a mix of kid-friendly and grown-up furnishings. I love the addition of the dark wood dresser in the room.  It adds a grown-up feel to the room to help it transition through the years.  The large upholstered bed will be perfectly for jumping now and it’s size and neutral color will still work in 10 years when the child has grown.  Just think about the grown-up pieces as a base layer and add a fun layer on top to tie it all together.  For example, the books cleverly placed on top of the dresser not only provide great eye-level storage, but also help the dresser belong.

Filling space for a child is much different from filling a grown-up room.   First, make the room feel cozier and more child-sized by paying attention to the ceiling height and furniture height.  I love the way the hanging solar system helps make the ceiling feel a bit lower, and that the night stands have a lower shelf for easy access toy storage.

Second, kids really love to be surrounded by their things (at least mine do).  They love to see all their things and have easy access to them.  So, when you are filling a kids room think about easy access (and cute) storage like that bin full of stuffed animals, which also makes it easier for them to clean-up.

The custom artwork behind the bed is an amazing addition to the room.  Its large scale automatically makes it the focal point in the room and its bold colors sets the color palette.   Just that small stripe in the painting makes that yellow patterned rug completely work despite no other yellow in the room.  But, my favorite part is that it is out of the way so its less likely to be disturbed.

The simple triangle shape in the bedding repeated in the triangle banner hung on the headboard is a playful touch that says a stylist was definitely involved in the details.  Repeating simple motifs is an easy way to create rhythm in a room, and is especially easy in a kids room where its more likely to have fun patterns and shapes.

To create a lasting design steer clear of theme rooms and instead focus on adding small amounts of personality in more temporary ways.  The pillows, stuffed animals and other small toys and accessories are very fun but easily and inexpensively replaced when hobbies and interests change.  And, notice that the small personal details are just that, small.

The lighting in the room is both attractive and very functional for this kids room.  The ceiling light is kept very high to the ceiling and out-of-the-way of jumping kids.  The bedside lamps have metal bases which won’t break when they inevitably get knocked over during a pillow fight.  And, the wall sconce provides great light from higher up on the wall where it’s out of reach for anyone who wants to hang on it (can you tell I have 2 young boys?).

What is your favorite kid-friendly/timeless detail from this room?

500-daisy-upholstery-nails-brass-furniture-studs-tacks-[2]-436-p copy

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