You can spend weeks perfecting a space plan and creating the perfect color palette and making sure you followed all the principles and elements of design; but, if you neglect to add things that are a reflection of your personality the room will feel lifeless no matter how beautiful it is.

Adding personality to a kids room is not usually very difficult.   Ask any kid to tell list their favorite things or hobbies and they will most likely be able to immediately rattle off their current obsessions.  But, adding tasteful accessories that reflect their personality without looking too kitschy or theme-y and that both mom and kid can agree on is a little more difficult.  I think Emily Henderson did a fantastic job in the Room of the Week adding personal details that are both fun and aesthetically pleasing to both mom and kid.  That cool boombox pillow on the bed is my favorite example…it’s front and center on the bed, but surrounded by grown-up pillows and in a neutral color.

If you want to inject a little personality in your own kids rooms try adding just one fun throw pillow, which can be easily changed when hobbies change.  I pulled together some of my current favorites, but search for any hobby or personality trait on Etsy and you are sure to find a pillow to match.  personal-pillows copySOURCES: Love Bug | Paleontologist | Practicing DJ | Spelling Bee Champ | Space Cadet | Hippie Chick | Fireman Sam | Sailor | Explorer | Fisherkid | Birdwatcher | Music Prodigy | Biker Dude | Cat Lady | Bug Catcher | Night Owl | Flower Girl

500-daisy-upholstery-nails-brass-furniture-studs-tacks-[2]-436-p copy


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