The Anatomy of a Happy Bedroom by Furbish Studio

I have this awesome little sister (hi Lauren!) who works for Anthropologie and has a degree in textiles and loves pattern and color and textures and mixes them all together in really quirky, beautiful ways.  And, I’ve been missing her like crazy the last few weeks because we live on opposite sides of the country.  And, when I was figuring out which bedroom I wanted to feature to finish up my month of bedrooms I fell in love with a crazy happy bedroom designed by Furbish Studio because it reminds me of my sister.  Plus, it offers some great lessons in using color and pattern and texture….take a look!

anatomy-of-a-happy-room copyRHYTHM
One of my favorite things about this room is just a simple little trick.  The window behind the bed is actually split in three sections, but the one long blind camouflages the vertical lines created by the windows and tricks your eye into thinking it’s just one long window.  The unnecessary lines are deleted and replaced with a more pleasing line that helps your eye move easier around the room.  Look around your house for lines that are distracting from the design you are trying to create…can you camouflage them or delete them altogether?

I love the play of red and green complimentary colors in the room.  The green walls are the perfect answer to bold the red on the floor.  The colors work  together to create a space that is exciting to wake up in, but easy to sleep in.  Plus, the green acts like a neutral color when it’s used to extensively, so it fades away into the background so the other colors and patterns are supported and can shine.

“Stay inside the lines” is definitely a helpful mantra when hanging artwork. There are a hundred ways the frames on the wall could’ve been arranged.  But, I particularly like that whoever hung them was aware of how the lines created by the negative space would look.  A casual horizontal lines separates the two rows of frames in a very pleasing way.  You don’t have to be exact, but be considerate.

Furbish Studio is well-known for their bold pattern mixing and matching….follow their instagram feed for daily pattern inspiration.  The pattern success in this room comes from a great balancing act between the rug and the rest of the textiles. The bold red pattern is used exclusively on the floor and nowhere else in the room which keeps it from monopolizing the room.  Additional patterns are added using that dark blue color from the rug and the soothing green from the wall.  The blue color is bold enough to compete with the red, but is only used in small doses so it also doesn’t hog all the attention.  And there are plenty of pattern-free surfaces to smooth everything out.

Change textures when you want to change the feeling or mood of a space.  Don’t you want to try out that little sofa at the end of the bed and sink your feet into the carpet? I love all the fun elements in this room, but the texture of the fabric on the sofa and the rug makes the seating area the most enticing for lounging.  In contrast the crisp cotton comforter on the bed is definitely a better texture for sleeping.

Want to carve out your own seating area in your bedroom?  All you need is three simple pieces…a place to sit, a place to sit something down, and a rug to define the space. This formula works whatever your style, and I can’t wait to talk about it more later in the week.

What’s your favorite thing about this room?

500-daisy-upholstery-nails-brass-furniture-studs-tacks-[2]-436-p copy

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