The Anatomy of Warm Modern Kitchen

I’m switching style gears this week from the classic (slightly french country) kitchen I shared last week and sharing a more modern design this week. Funny enough though, the dining chairs in both kitchens are the same Hans Wegner Wishbone chairs, which are obviously very versatile!  I picked this kitchen as the Room of the Week, designed by Rivoli Interior Design, because even though it’s modern it looks so warm and friendly and livable, which are adjectives I don’t think people usually associate with modern rooms.

anatomy-of-a-warm-modern-kitchen copyLAYERS
One quality of a modern kitchen is the simplicity of the materials used in all the layers.  Instead of lots of colors and textures this modern kitchen uses just one wood color for almost all the surfaces. The wood flooring matches the wood on the cabinets and the molding and the wood used as the kickplate (the wood you see underneath the cabinets)…even the wood blinds and the dining table and chairs are the same color wood. Another example of matching materials across the layers in the kitchen is the use of the same metallic finish on the appliances, ceiling fan and cabinet hardware. I’m sure great efforts were taken to match all the design elements so everything looks cohesive and simple.

I love the black countertops in this kitchen.  They contrast so well with the wood and white walls, which helps them stand out as a strong design element in the room.  Plus, they create strong horizontal lines that guide the eye through the room.  And, I love that the other strong horizontal lines in the room, created by the windows, are the same color.  A very thoughtful detail.

Just a few simple lighting tricks I love in this kitchen.  The can lights are placed around the island, instead of like runway lights down either side, to give lighting to all the corners. And, I love the blinds placed on the bottom  of the windows to control light, without losing the view.

Minus the mullions in the windows, the kitchen is made up completely of rectangles, which means that everything looks very crisp and harmonious.  Even the hardware on the cabinetry looks like rectangles from afar.  Nothing sticks out or is jarring.

Follow the line created by the cabinet doors all the way up the kitchen sink down the center of the windows and up to the light fixture overhead.  I agree the elements aren’t exactly lined up in the photograph, but I bet when you’re standing in the kitchen they feel exactly lined up.  It gives a very orderly feel to the kitchen, creates strong emphasis in the center of the kitchen, and makes the island the perfect spot to work.

The true red, blue and yellow colors in the kitchen are all very saturated and bright.  Used in large doses any of them would singularly overwhelm the space.  But, in small doses they add just the right amount of color to be noticed but not overpowering.  And, they are repeated throughout the room to create unity among the variety.

Do you like this modern kitchen?  I’d love to hear your opinion about the Room of the Week!  I featured another take on the warm modern kitchen last year by DISC Interiors…check it out here.

500-daisy-upholstery-nails-brass-furniture-studs-tacks-[2]-436-p copy

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