Housekeeping: Arc Lamp Before + After

As part of my Housekeeping goals for my home this year I’ve been working on my master bedroom.  This past month I checked off two tasks on my long list for that room.

A few weeks ago I saw an ad for what looked like a cool mid-century lamp on Craigslist.  But, when I arrived I could see that the lamp needed LOTS of work to actually be cool.  I made the split-second decision to buy the lamp anyway and kicked myself all the way home.  But, I quickly came up with a plan to re-do the lamp inspired by this black/wood/brass lamp from shop One Forty Three.

St. Germain swing lamp

I took apart the broken lamp to re-wire and paint.  My good friend made me a simple new base.  And, I bought a new little brass fixture to attach the shade to the arc.

Here’s the sad before (these were unfortunately the only pictures I snapped):


And, the much improved after(yes, I know I need a smaller lightbulb):

lampafter copy

lampafter3So glad I didn’t give up on the little lamp.  It works perfectly with the other new additions to my bedroom…I finally got around to hanging up my husbands guitars and the concert posters I purchased LAST YEAR from several of the concerts we’d attended together as a valentine’s day gift.  I looked all over for ready-made gold and natural wood frames and remembered this post by Emily Henderson with her recommendation for AI Friedman.  They have any size, color and shape you want, and my order arrived the NEXT day despite paying for regular shipping.  The quality is outstanding, and I am so happy to have this source at my ready.

And, I’m so happy to have this side of the bedroom looking a little more lived-in.  I still have lots of finishing touches to complete, but it’s getting to be a much cozier place.  Hooray for checking things off my list!

500-daisy-upholstery-nails-brass-furniture-studs-tacks-[2]-436-p copy

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