Design is in the Details: On-Trend Details With Staying Power

There are so many details in the Room of the Week that will make it current but will also give it a long life, which is so important for such an expensive room to re-do.ontrend kitchen details copyONE: Brass Accents
Brass has been the favorite metal in interior design the past few years, and the brass light fixtures and hardware used in this kitchen look fantastic.
Why it will last: Classic shapes + trendy metal = lasting design.
The fixtures and hardware are simple and elegant and their shapes look traditional and classic.  Their recognizable shapes will keep this design element from looking dated in a few years.

TWO: Patterned Tile:
Patterned tiles have become quite popular in the past year and are becoming more and more available as well.  The patterned tile used as a backsplash in the Room of the Week is such a pretty element in the kitchen.
Why it will last:  Small pattern + minimal colors = lasting design.
Rather than using bright colors or a crazy pattern, the designer picked a small repeating pattern in classic black and white which adds a pattern in just the right amount.

THREE: Two-toned cabinets
White cabinets have been the go-to color for the last two decades, but it’s a lot more common recently to see them paired with color. The white cabinets around the perimeter look elegant and clean paired with the dark wood kitchen island in this kitchen.
Why it will last: White cabinets + dark wood = lasting design.
The white cabinet/dark wood cabinet combination creates a very warm traditional design that looks pleasing now and will be just as charming in a few years.

FOUR: Bold Hardware
I love the size of the handles in the kitchen.  Bigger and bolder hardware is definitely trendy right now.
Why it will last: Bigger size + simple shapes = lasting design.
Instead of picking hardware that was bold in shape and size, the designer just picked generously sized handles in a very simple shape….a combination that will definitely be super functional and still very pleasing in a few years.

FIVE: Eat-in Kitchen
Gone are the days of the formal dining room.  Instead, they’ve been replaced with large kitchen islands equipped with plenty of room to create and eat a meal.  The comfortable stools and ample leg room around the spacious island in this kitchen will most definitely make it a favorite place to eat.
Why it will last: Hardworking materials + simple shapes = lasting design.
The stainless countertop on the kitchen island and the simply designed bar stools are going to hold-up under lots of heavy use and still look great in a few years.  Picking pieces that aren’t in trendy colors or shapes will create a longer lasting design.

SIX: Patterned Flooring
Black & white checkerboard patterned flooring has been around for a very long time…they were popular in kitchens in the 1950s.  And, they are definitely coming back and look great in this kitchen.
Why it will last: Classic Pattern + Bigger Scale = Lasting design.
The classic checkerboard pattern updated using a bigger scale looks both classic and modern, which gives it added staying power.

These are just my opinions of course…what do you think?  Will this kitchen still be beautiful in ten years?

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