A Formula for the Perfect Entry

The entryway that is the Room of the Week is definitely the beginning of a large home…I’m pretty sure it’s twice the size of my bathroom.  But, the design choices made in it provide the perfect formula for creating a pretty, uncluttered entry, whatever your size or style.  Here’s how it works…

Make sure your entryway has ample lighting for both day and night.  If you don’t have anything overhead try a table lamp or wall sconce.
TWO: Hooks
Something as simple as a few hooks on the wall can make a huge difference in the feel of your entry.  Instead of piles on the floor, hooks give you a place to hang the coats, bags, hats, etc. that are bound to enter your door.  Plus, with literally thousands of options in every budget this is an easy upgrade to make.
THREE: Personality
The entry way should be a peek at what’s to come in the house. So, stop ’em dead with a punch of your homes personality right at the front door.  Entryways are usually small, so one carefully chosen colorful detail is most likely enough.
FOUR: Mirror
I love having a mirror next to the front door to have a last-minute check before I leave for the day.  And, a mirror like the one in the Room of the Week with a great shape and hung at eye level is the perfect option.
FIVE: Storage
Even though the bench in the Room of the Week isn’t exactly “storage” it serves as a great place stash items out of the way if needed.
SIX: Seating
Big or small…doesn’t matter.  Just provide a place to sit.

Here’s a few examples I put together to show you how this formula works with any style!

formula-for-a-clean-bright-entry copySOURCES:
ONE: Midcentury & Brass
light | hooks | mirror | storage | seating
TWO: Traditional & Feminine
light | hooks | mirror | storage | seating
THREE: Global & Bright
light | hooks | mirror | storage | seating


500-daisy-upholstery-nails-brass-furniture-studs-tacks-[2]-436-p copy

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