Housekeeping: An Update on My Basement Re-do

I’ve finally made some progress on my basement re-do.  It’s been several months and I’ve been plugging away and finally have something to show you!

Here’s what I started with…basically a boring white box:basement family roomAnd now…basementstraight2I’ve been checking things off my list.  I finally picked a color for the fireplace wall and painted it.  And, after months of searching Craigslist for the perfect 80″ sofa per my floor plan, I finally found the perfect gray Room & Board sofa.  It’s 41″ width makes it perfect for lounging.  I added these West Elm curtains ( on sale now!) for pattern and warmth.  I styled the room with some pillows, art and accessories I had on hand, but those will all change as I work to make the room fit my vision.basementstraight3Still to do:

  1. obviously I need a rug…the play room car mat is not going to work
  2. shelving on either side of the fireplace is going up soon
  3. new pillows in my coral/gray/navy color palette, with art work and accessories to coordinate
  4. i want to add one simple mirror over the fireplace to bounce light around in the dark basement
  5. i have the perfect stump sitting in my backyard waiting to be turned into a side table…hopefully this weekend!
  6. i have a few ideas for something simple behind the tv…just not sure what yet…stay tuned

basementdetail1Here’s a few detail shots of the blue wall color.  Of course I really love the way the orange brick looks with the blue…it’s my favorite color combo!basementdetail2 basementdetail3I’m off to sand that tree stump…hope you have a fun (and productive) weekend in the sunshine!

500-daisy-upholstery-nails-brass-furniture-studs-tacks-[2]-436-p copy

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